Many ways lead to us

Cebu city’s international airport is served with direct flights by Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Malaysian Airlines and Cathay Pacific. Flight prices are seasonal and cost approximately € 900 from Germany. Cebu can be reached directly from Berlin or Frankfurt in Germany. From Cebu to Bantayan Island

The transfer from Cebu Island to Bantayan Island must be made by ship. In Cebu’s North Bus Terminal, you can take a bus to the north of the island or you can hire a van.

The journey to Hagnaya takes approximately 3 hours and from here to Santa Fe with the express ferry takes approximately 30 minutes. Alternatively, you can use the Ro-Ro boat which also journeys from Hagnaya to Santa Fe and on which you can take your hired van. The crossing with the Ro-Ro boat takes approximately 1 hour depending on the state of the sea.