Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island and the Philippines – Holiday in Paradise

The Philippine archipelago lies in the western Pacific Ocean and is part of Southeast Asia. The island group comprises in total 7,107 islands of which only about 880 are inhabited. The sub-tropical climate and the way of life of the inhabitants are shaped by the influence of the sea, as no town is further than 200 km from the coast.
Daytime, the temperature averages mostly from 30°C to 35°C and falls in the night rarely below an agreeable 25°C. The water temperature lies between 25°C and 28°C.

Bantayan Island belongs to the Visayas island group in the middle of the Philippines. In addition to the Luzon archipelago in the north, the Mindanao island group exists in the south Philippines.

The island of Bantayan lies north of Cebu Island and also belongs to the similarly named province. Bantayan Island itself is subdivided into the municipalities of Madridejos, Santa Fe and Bantayan. Altogether, about 125,000 – 130,000 people live on the island.

Worth knowing:
The island is famous as the ‘egg basket’ of the region. Daily on Bantayan Island, over 1.5 million eggs are produced and delivered to the neighbouring islands of Cebu, Negros and Leyte. However, as the poultry farms are located in the interior of the island, the beauty of the coastline is unaffected.

Nevertheless, you can be sure that your breakfast egg in Marlins Beach Resort is guaranteed to be fresh!

Population of the three largest towns as of May 2000:
Bantayan: 68,125
Santa Fe: 22,956
Madridejos: 29,020