Life on Bantayan Island – remains forever in the memory of its visitors.The unspoiled nature on the island and the hospitality of the locals has already enthralled many visitors. So much so, that several tourists have ended up returning to Bantayan Island to settle down. But also, many people who work in metropolitan Manila or those from the neighbouring island Cebu have their hideaway here to escape from the stress of everyday life for a few days.

Most of the inhabitants of the island are fishermen, which is why freshly caught seafood dominates Bantayan Island cuisine. The island restaurants serve Philippine specialties, but also offer Japanese, Thai and European dishes.

During your holiday, you should without fail pay a visit to the fish market in Bantayan; here, you can marvel at the rich range of marine species available. The catches of the day, some still alive, are presented and you can see for yourself that the island specialties are freshly caught and prepared.

Also on offer in the market are the very popular fruit shakes available in a great variety of flavours. Particularly in demand are mango shakes as mangos from the region are especially sweet and tasty due to the sub-tropical climate.